Whether you are a young adult or a senior citizen, life is constantly throwing various emotional challenges at you that can lead to feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and confused. That’s where I come in. Various studies have proven that counseling helps to address this emotional imbalance. I can be your Happy Mirror as I provide counseling services to anyone looking for support.

Young Adult ( ages 18 onwards )

In addition to counseling older adults, I am also attached to young adults and connect with them well. Ranging from issues dealing with confusion, dilemmas, decision-making, their profession, or education choices,  I can be a happy mirror to them too.

With young adults, I act like a sounding board. They do a lot of the talking and this leads to them channelizing their thoughts and figuring out what they want. I do guide them and be strict if needed, but I also dearly love them, check on them, and follow up on their assignments. The idea is that they have to be empowered in all situations, whether it’s negative or positive and for them to recognize how they feel and make a choice.

Home visits

I understand that there could be older adults who are homebound for various reasons and cannot visit my office for a counseling session. I provide counseling sessions at home through the home visits program.

Caregiver support

A Caregiver’s life can be extremely stressful and could lead to chronic deprivation of positive emotions, besides the physical burnout.  Constant fatigue can lead to various mental health issues. I support caregivers through individual and family coaching to help them deal with their situations.

Knowledge sharing:
I provide training to psychological counselors, mental health workers, and caregivers. And conduct awareness programs at corporates, senior living centers, and hospitals.

Modes of engagement:
Delivering counseling can be challenging due to the demands of our modern lifestyles. To ensure my clients receive counseling in the most effective way, I provide counseling over various modes on the internet (Zoom, Skype, Webex, WhatsApp or Facetime) and in person.